Thea Terlouw

The Cycle of Life and Death

A Magnificent Journey

As a child, Thea Terlouw was already aware of a world that not everyone can perceive. During her life as an artist, her talent continued to develop. For more than thirty years she helped people to examine their past lives in order to identify the root causes of diseases and traumas. Her care for people with a near-death experience and helping children in addition to guiding the dying, brought her insights that she now wants to share with each one of us. She now only does this by writing books.

Obelisk is proud to be the publisher of Thea Terlouw’s new book. To read the excerpt, just scroll down. Enjoy reading this warm book.

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Thea Terlouw

The Cycle of Life and Death


Of the many uncerntainties we have in our lives, perhaps the greatest is that of what happens after our death. Although Western religions often speak of an eternal life after death, there is seldom any question of being born again, as we know from Eastern philosophical movements. To science, death is, unfortunately, just death.

Yet there are many indications that the soul does indeed live forever, or rather, is on an eternal journey.
This makes a lot of misunderstood matters clear. And it is not only comforting that our deceased loved ones are still there, but also that what is not always going well in our lives, can be balanced in future lives. In between lives we are always lovingly guided in this process. Unfortunately, many in our world still live with a strong fear of death. However, it is extremely important that we are able to let go of and transform this fear now in this End Time.

With this book Thea, her guides and all those who contributed with personal life stories, share their experiences with us. They talk about the days they themselves lived on Earth, about their transition after which they said they ‘came home’.
There is hardly a better way to find out the meaning of life on Earth and to discover that there is no end to life, but only an end to a temporary stay in this physical world. Thea also talks about the help we receive from the highest spheres and about the hope that comes from the many New Age children who have come to Earth during this special time in recent years.

Thea Terlouw’s special talent is that she can communicate with this other world at any time. As a young child, she tried to get rid of this talent. It took her many years to learn to handle it and to be able to use it, not only for herself, but also for others.
She doesn’t share it with us as ‘truth’, but as experience. After all, everyone has to discover everything for themselves, feel it for themselves and contemplate it for themselves. That is the essence of our earthly experiences. However, you can get guidance and in this End Times help is always available to anyone who asks for it.

Hopefully the book will inspire you, reassure you, help you to let go of your unfinished affairs and become whole physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thea wishes you a very beautiful journey and hopes that this book can help you with that.


Thea: It was a moving experience at that special place by the water, when she first appeared to me in spirit. First, I heard her deep warm voice, which I would have recognized out of thousands. Everyone who knew her would remember her voice, because it was so special. After I recognized her voice, I saw her appearance in my mind, through my third eye. I am not surprised; because when I am working on a eading I see everything as clearly, as if I were there. I have always had that ability, but hid it for a number of years, but has since returned stronger than ever before. My entire stay in Ireland was a revelation, because so much happened to me. I saw myself in previous lives in that country, happy times. A  memory of a former life is not always pleasant, but I know from years of experience that these images never come past without a reason. Old, negative parts are rapidly purified that way. It is part of me, so I have worked with it throughout many lives. I later visited areas in Ireland I had previously lived even though I never had that desire before. I know of so many places where I once lived, but these parts of my being are sealed, having served their purpose. I saw these  emories as a precious asset. They gave me a lot of insight in who I am, in all my positive and negative experiences, and they have shaped me into who I am today. An educational journey taught me a lot.
I often met people who felt the need to go back to the villages and towns where they once lived. They would carefully set out a track sometimes going back as far as Russia. I never had the need to do that. The fact that Ireland always appeared in my dreams was a reason for me to go there. Going to Ireland was food for my soul. I never expected to find Margaret there. The fact that I had no premonition about that made it so special. I cried tears of joy. Here is what I wrote down.

Margaret: Hello, dear Thea, I am so happy that I managed to make contact with you. I have been looking forward to this moment. It took some time before this was possible. A lot has happened during the time following my transition. I think it’s great that you found this place in Ireland. It was a journey of confidence. Pieces of the puzzle fell into place and you were directed to this place where energy is very high and pure. Preceding this period you went through an important phase of growth. I was with you when you and the two men from the hostel, John and Robert, went looking for the stone circle you dreamed of. Since coincidence does not exist, the right people were together at the right time. When the stone circle was found, you got an experience from ancient times. In front of your mind’s eye, another landscape unfolded in a clearing in the forest. You realised that you had known each other for a long time. All three of you saw Druids in the circle, images from an earlier life, a distant past. It was moving to see three people, who had only known each other for one day, stand hand in hand in this magnificent scene. Words were unnecessary, even when each of you went your own way again later. Words will not do justice to an experience like this. Something beautiful happened there; something was healed and a connection restored.

You will not forget the light that went through you and which you were all able to see. John is an expert on the subject of ancient sacred sites and has often protected them. At soul level, I know these men. I was happily surprised I could be present at this moment. I like the fact that you never feel surprised, that you are like a child on a voyage of discovery, in silent wonder. At our first meeting at the summit of the green hill, I was as touched as you were. It was my first time to make such a contact. Everything came together at the right time. Our deepest wish has come true and it is all so simple.  own by the cliffs, a dolphin appears regularly leaving traces of light in the water. This dolphin has a task to heal the people who feel attracted to this place. It is not a myth that children are healed here. Dolphins belong to a species that are attuned to a high spiritual level; they come from a higher dimension. I watched you meditating, high on the cliffs near that piece of eroded rock. You had forgotten about the dolphin and you were lost in time. You spent hours there aware that something special was happening. You felt how energy changed, was raised. You can from now on hold on to this new frequency. When you opened your eyes, you saw how the dolphin jumped up into a white aura. I saw it too. From this other dimension, I can see much more, a rainbow of colours in and above the water. This being emits pure love. I can see why people are attracted to dolphins and whales.

Dear Thea, please keep experiencing life as a child, in pure wonder. Once people had a spiritual experience, they often start meditation expecting similar experiences. I have studied this in detail. Meditating just to experience that thrill again. I have studied many kinds and ways of meditation and prayer, which was very fascinating. For me the most delightful one remains the open, silent meditation, in connection with the great Light, or whatever you choose to call it. Connecting with the Light and with all the people who are tuned in at the same level.

On Earth, I was not aware of such a thing as spiritual greed. I think an even better word is ‘spiritual materialism’. Your teacher and now mine, Leviahnarah, taught you that word. He also showed me what it is. I was amazed to see that in some places it has taken on huge proportions under the influence of certain energies. There is a growing amount of people who meditate and in different ways, but all from the heart with the same goal. These worldwide connections during this period of transition of the Earth from the third to the fifth dimension are important. These people lay down a solid foundation on which the entities of light can build a solid house. Without all these people, that would not be possible. All those sincere meditating and praying people create very powerful fields of light. At some distance from the Earth, you can clearly see that the Earth is getting lighter and lighter. Entry gates, portals that were closed by dark, dominant forces for many thousands of years are now being opened one by one. The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was a major breakthrough in that respect. Big changes became visible then. Together with Ohan and Leviahnarah, I was able to watch these developments through the holographic screens. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a very distinct turning point that could come about through the change of energy on Earth, an increasing light flux and a changed, higher collective consciousness. The foundation that is laid is growing and shows a solid base whereupon the forces of light can build. I hope to say a few more words about it in this book. The changes are happening so fast. With the increasing light, everything that is still unexposed in the  orld becomes exposed. This applies both to the yet uncovered parts in humankind, to all aspects of Earth’s civilisation. Nothing will remain hidden any longer. You see that we are growing towards a light-consciousness and whoever wishes to be fully engaged in this is busy with his or her purification processes. Sometimes it concerns very old vibrations of past lives. This purification covers an entire cycle of 26,000 years. People who prefer not to go along and still need the energy of the third dimension – living in duality – go to a world where they can do so. My father’s house has many rooms,” Master Jesus said. There will always be those who still have a need for power and other corrupting desires. They have not yet worked this out  ufficiently and still want to experience that.

They will be incarnating elsewhere in the cosmos, until they are ready to grow to a higher dimension. For many people the process of purification is difficult, I know that from my own process with cancer. However, no matter how heavy this road was, I succeeded completely. Everywhere on Earth, these kinds of processes are now taking place. Many people experience chaos in their inner world and are confused. The pouring in of the light emphasises those unfinished issues that our Higher Self thinks should be purified. All parts of our soul-being, all with their unique experiences on Earth, seek wholeness to be able to continue their journey. There is a spark of divinity in everyone and when the sometimes many layers of concealment fall away one goes searching, touched by the light. On the way home. To wholeness, inner peace, abundance and spiritual richness. Every human being longs for this from the depths of their being. We all come from the same light source. After I had made my way through the spheres, and reached my place of spiritual alignment, I followed a long training in the Hall of Wisdom. That training included how to pass on the material to you in the right way. It was in fact a refresher course, because I now know that I have worked in this way with people on Earth many times, in other incarnations. The whole process was like opening old shutters. I now know that I did this work together with you. I passed it on and you were the receiver. It was wonderful to be back in the Hall of Wisdom, a sense of homecoming. Like a sponge, I took everything in. You will understand that after my death on Earth I did not go straight to the Hall of Wisdom. That went very gradually, but since I had already done a lot of work on Earth, it flowed through easier and quicker. I was already aware of so many things.

Dear child, you prepared me so well for my death and my new life here. I also have a strong feeling, that your absolute conviction and belief in life after death will be a great support if you are as sick as I was. When you hear that your life is over, many emotions pass by. From this dimension, I will tell you about my process, and what other people here told me, went through. I concluded that there are as  any different ways of dying, as there are degrees of consciousness. No longer in earthly life, only now, do I fully realize how important it is to live consciously. To heal and transform old fears, just as you taught me in the years of counselling preceded by years of intense reading esoteric books, as you know. I also realize that spiritual healing is a natural process that can last many lives because man is lazy by nature. Unfinished business, negative vibrations from previous lives, complete cleansing requires effort and is often painful. Many people prefer to avoid that pain.

My study in the Hall of Wisdom taught me that an increasing number of people try to consciously break the wheels of karma. You and I belong to that group, and fortunately, we both know many people who have the same interests. I can now assure you that this search for truth and wholeness is more than worthwhile. What I love most about everything is the experience of Light and Love in which I can live. I so enjoy having got rid of my old, sick body. It once served me as the temple of my soul, I was allowed to work out a lot with it, but now it is so wonderful I no longer have to live in that heavy, tormented body. A few times, you told me that you felt that my time to leave had come.

You were right. Twice there was the opportunity to go; both times, it was in my sleep at night. My mother came to fetch me, but I was so busy and refused to come along. I thought I still had to help a number of people on Earth, pray for them, and ask for physical and spiritual healing for them. Repeatedly I found a reason not to leave. Twice I asked you for a reading and twice I was told that in the advanced stage of my illness all I had to do was to think of myself in order to die in wholeness and peace. Sometimes you apparently have to live to be 86 years old to continue living with blinkers on, while your body slowly surrenders. I learned that once you are attuned to the light, you can do much more for others on the other side of the veil, a lot more than I thought I could do in the last months of my life.

I am proud to say that I had so many extremely sweet people around me during the years of my illness. That was a great gift. During the last period in the hospital, there was a growing awareness with my daughters, a growing light. I could see how different they were and yet they had so much in common. We grew closer. With my granddaughter, I always felt that seamless contact where words were no longer necessary. Three women I can look at with pride and love. Once you are here and read your book of life, you will discover the purpose of your incarnation and of your specific family ties, at least with those people who are involved in your process of growth. I completely resolved certain issues from a previous existence for which I was partly to blame. If you read your book of life here so consciously, it is an hour of truth. You see every aspect as it is, life after life. I too was lazy, and in my life immediately before I was Margaret, I left many opportunities untouched where I together with others could have solved karma. For that reason I seized the opportunity during my life as Margaret to work out a number of issues at an accelerated pace, through cancer.

I am grateful that my old material body offered me the opportunity to work out all the remaining karma. It is like a fire that burns you clean, like a purification process. I read my book of life, watching holographic images, as you predicted. It gives me the chance to look at every aspect of my past life and the lives before that, at my own pace. Nobody forces me to. It is presented in a loving way and it is up to you to do something with it should you wish to.

Thea: We know that since a while, different laws apply and that from that moment onwards, everyone is obliged to read the blueprint of their past lives. This has to do with the End Time in which we now live, the transition period of the Earth and its people to a higher dimension.

Margaret: Indeed, there were people who, life after life obstinately refused to look at their book of life. I, however, made good use of it when I passed on. I processed things in complete peace and sometimes, when I felt the need, I went to the healing chamber for a while, a day or afternoon in earthly time, choosing the light that suited me at that moment.

The last weeks of my life, I spent in hospital. I managed to live in my own home for quite a long time thanks to the loving homecare I received. How hard these people work! Most of them are extremely loving and dedicated. I would like to thank them all for their good care, but they will not hear me like you. Maybe when they read this book they will remember me. If you are so sick and helpless, personalised care is very important. Such healthcare is increasingly being eroded, not only because of budget cuts, but also because some jobs in the healthcare sector are so poorly paid. It is work that is looked at with contempt by some and unjustifiably so. Their work should be better rewarded! You realize that when you are gravely ill and so dependent. These loving people are priceless. Right now, you are writing these words down in that beautiful booklet that you have received from Hanneke, as a gift, the sweetheart. She hoped that we would write together as we had planned; she will be one of the first to read this book. To pass on to you what it is like here was always my desire and intention. You are a medium and your readings are like waterfalls of events from previous lives, down to the finest details. As you write, you see the images passing by, like a holograph, as if in a movie. Very vibrant and colourful. It looks a bit like reading the book of life. When you describe previous lives, it is as if you are actually part of the holographic images.

Ohan took me to a place in the Himalayas, where you received your nightly lessons from master Lau-Me. You told me about it. I was taken to this place where you and likeminded receive their lessons. It was a beautiful space. As I pass this on to you, I feel your happiness when you think of this place, about Lau-Me, the large space built high up in the mountains, with only glass on one side and the enormous holographic screen on the other. This space is built in another dimension and Ohan, one of your spiritual masters, takes you there at night. Documents you will be passing on to people will be discussed there and worked out.
It is responsible work to pass on parts of one’s book of life. I was allowed to be present once, together with Ohan. Leviahnarah prepared a big reading together with you. It was for a psychologist. People ask the spiritual world very special questions and some of them so profound! Of course, it gives a lot of insight into the consciousness of the applicant. Leviahnarah taught me that every reading adjusts to the level of awareness of the applicant. That is why sometimes it may seem a simple reading to you, while at times a very detailed and complicated one. The aim is to prevent damage to the applicant. I know that you are always aware of that. The readings are made with the personal guides of the applicant. Mostly these people are stuck in the rational field of mainstream medicine and psychology and their spiritual guide inspires them to explore a different path. They might end up with people like you who can look beyond the veils of the third dimension. Luckily, there are an increasing number of people like that, waking up and I think they are desperately needed. It has helped me enormously to understand things that were hidden from my own vision. Ohan taught me how each reading contains certain keys. An open and honest story about a previous incarnation sometimes contains more than one key, releasing something in the subconscious. It can revive old issues, processed and understood in the here and now. The insight you were allowed to give me in my past lives led me to process and transform certain matters. It has accelerated my personal process tremendously and that appeared to be necessary, because I had so little time left on the earthly plane.

My days in hospital provided me with great inner peace, necessary for me to realize it was truly time to go. I enjoyed the complete treatment. Of course, nurses never have as much time for patients as is probably needed, but it was good. The absence of the immense stress associated with being sick at home was so wonderful. In the hospital, I felt less isolated, because there is always some activity around you. It had a reassuring and relaxing effect on me.
No matter how lovely it was to be at home, amidst my own belongings, the long hours of being alone in a state of need weighed heavily. Being capable of doing simple chores like changing your bed, doing the laundry, bathing and going to the toilet is an enormous wealth. You only realise this once you cannot do so any longer. Then consider incontinence. Your great desire to clean things when there is no help available. I found being incontinent, confined to my bed, very difficult and perhaps even more difficult to accept, than the fact that my body had cancer. When I struggled with it I could share it with you. You commiserated, because your own mother became incontinent in her old age and you were familiar with the conditions. I was always afraid people could smell me, despite the good quality of the incontinence material. The fact that I would deteriorate mentally was also a haunting picture for me. I learned to accept my physical deterioration step by step. You have no choice lest life would become unbearable. You stimulated me to follow certain thought processes that were fully in line with my own interests.

One day you told me about Elize, my personal spiritual guide. You described her. I cried, remember? I always loved playing Für Elise on the piano. How beautifully things interlock. In this way, as my process continued, I gained more and more insight into these wonderful patterns. You reassured me when I expressed my anxiety about the hospital or – even worse – a nursing home. Eventually the hospital turned out to be my liberation. There I could surrender to the flow of things. I finally had the time and inner peace to think about my impending departure. I had the feeling that the suitcases had already been packed before the trip and all I had to do was wait for the train to take me to my new destination. You know, dear Thea, there was no fear, only a deep desire to go. A complete resignation descended upon me and I decided to go along when my mother appeared again. I know now that third time I had no choice.

My daughters went through their own processes at a high pace. Also with regard to their relationship with me. Most people think that when you are so sick in bed, you are also mentally dying. Some people, also in nursing, talk to you in a way as were you an abandoned child, or even backward. I remember being clear-minded; my perception was sharper than ever. As my body slowly died, everything became more beautiful by the day. It is important that loving people surround you, and I have been fortunate enough to experience that. A heartfelt kiss, a stroke over your head. Someone who holds your hand in peaceful silence, loving and real. As a dying person, you see through all the pretence. It must be terrible to get unloving people to your bed, as I have often heard in this dimension whilst doing research for this book. In countless conversations with others to gather as much information as possible about the passing and the spiritual world that awaits afterwards.

My experiences in the last phase of life were beautiful, like pearls on the road. Sometimes I was outside my body and picked up thoughts of those who love me. Apparently, the same goes for coma patients, who also perceive all the thoughts around their bodies. For me they were short moments. Moments with a golden edge, briefly without pain, without the obstacles of a sick body. That was wonderful. Being outside your body is a blessing, especially when it is so sick and in great pain. At moments like that you realize your body is not everything and that you are immeasurably more. That gave me increasing confidence for the coming journey. Your words sounded very frequently in those days. Where I am now I realise how important terminal care can be. You meditated in front of my picture and you prayed for me. Those days I experienced what it is like when people pray for you. They call upon the workers of the Source of Light, the angels, the people from the realms of light spheres. It was an experience. I was reassured that what I did every day for the sick and the needy was good and done wholeheartedly. When you pray or meditate, always do it with your heart or don’t do it at all. Habitual prayers are powerless.

In my last days, I had a very beautiful experience. I would drift away, was in pain. It was quiet around my bed. Then I got a vision. I saw you walking along a brook of water; the weather was nice. You sat down on a large stone, half in the water. You were all alone in that place. You opened your hands in your lap and started praying for me and for other people. Then, I really felt what it is like when someone does that for you wholeheartedly. At the same time, I knew that more people did this for me, and knowing that brought great peace to my heart. Now that I am completely immersed in my new life, I know you were truly there. Thank you, as well as all those sweet people who did this for me, out of selfless love. To experience that with the people around you is a true God’s gift. When I describe the hour of my death it is important to know that such an experience is different for everyone and depends on everyone’s own spiritual alignment. I only describe my personal experience that is related to my spiritual alignment. My fear had disappeared and that is very important. I hope this happens to everyone who passes. A few days before I finally passed away two women appeared. A small blond woman wearing a soft blue tunic and a darker woman in a purple blue tunic. At first, they were there only briefly before leaving again. I know now that the last three days before my journey they were waiting together for the hour of the transition. One woman was my mother. I recognized her first. You told me that people in the light spheres looked younger, like in the best years of their lives. My mother looked like forty, so did the other woman. She was my grandmother from my last incarnation. They mothered me on my deathbed. Every so often, they would stand very close to me and held one of my hands. That was so wonderful. I probably had a blissful smile. What a delight when they are there for you. Every now and then mother put a hand on my head making me float away on little clouds. I felt like a child being cared for lovingly. How valuable were these moments. The spiritual became more important, whilst the physical body interested me less and less during those moments. I had surrendered to the birth process into the spiritual world. My two sweet, light mothers next to me were my midwives, along with my guide Elize. When the hour of death came, you appeared. You stood at the end of the bed and just smiled. You saw me come out of my body and you saw a spiritual doctor break the silver cord. You stood there shining my child; I will never forget that image.

Thea: I have consciously experienced her death in spirit. Leviahnarah took me with him. This often happens when you work with the dying. These are precious moments given to you. I saw how a butterfly came out of its cocoon. From the sick, tired body a radiant being emerged. I was deeply grateful that I could see this. It is a miracle to experience such a death.

Margaret: It became clear to me that this was also an unforgettable experience for you. What followed next was the shining path after death, something you often see in your work with people who are still earth-bound. It is always special. My dear mothers and Elize took me to a shining path that appeared. I experienced everything consciously as was my deepest wish. I looked back once more at my physical body and thanked it sincerely for the services rendered. We crossed a crystal bridge. A whole range of beautiful colours passed me by. It was a conscious journey. They took me to a large gate where a few people were waiting for me. A dear friend who had died a while before from the disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). She looked young and radiant. Next to her stood a man. He stretched his hands out to me and touched me for a moment. There was a sense of recognition and joy. I saw them again later, at a time when I was also more aware of what happened and who were there. The man was my husband – he had passed away a long time ago – and it was a warm reunion. I was lovingly welcomed and taken to the healing chamber. A woman in a light tunic with long trousers welcomed me there. I remember the modern style of her clothes. She had a sweet face. I was in the healing chamber for a few weeks, rated according to time on earth. A very special experience. The bed I was lying on had no legs. It floated a little above the ground. I was first positioned in a golden-blue-green energy. I let go and floated away in that lovely light. When I woke up Elize was there. I only had to think about her and she was there again. The power of thought sets everything in motion here. I was so happy with her loving presence. That guidance is so important.

My cancer process was fully worked out on Earth. I only needed that recovery period, in total spiritual rest. Dying is hard work, just like a baby has to work hard to be born. Loving help with such a process makes the process easier. I am deeply grateful to my family and friends for their loving help. If I would wake up for a moment, I watched in amazement how my hands and feet had gone slim without wrinkles or spots. It was a game, getting used to that new life, that young, subtle body. At moments like those I did not think about Earth anymore, that only happened later. I once woke up and saw an enormous alabaster vase on the ground, creamy white, containing beautiful white roses. I looked at it with admiration. Between the roses, there were little blue flowers. Then suddenly I had to think very strongly about you. You always said: ‘Margaret, when you have gone over, I will send you a large bunch of white roses for the new beginning’. As always, we joked about these things. Then I said to you: ‘Just add some little blue flowers to it, for the book we are going to write together’. After all, we had no idea whether our mutual desire to write this book would actually become reality. Elize told me the flowers came from you. I know you teach this to many people and it is wonderful to receive such a floral greeting. Spiritual flowers do not wilt. Later when I left the healing chambers for my own house that was ready, I took the flowers with me. They now stand in the corner by the large window and reach all the way to the ground. A few months later a beautiful red rose came from you, it is still there. By then we had not made any contact and did not know if that would happen. You bided your time. A few people sent me spiritual flowers and I cherish these sweet gifts. It is a wonderful opportunity for contact without expectations. A kind of acceptance of passing, without expecting anything in return. Nobody on Earth pulls at me and that is a very rich feeling, because I often see that happening to others, who are not released by those they left behind. That is a big obstacle in one’s advancement in the spiritual world. Sometimes I went out of the healing chamber to walk with Elize. A man visited me occasionally, admired my roses and later went for a walk with me. He became my guide to teach and show me all these new things. Elize introduced me to the power of thought, telepathy and teleportation, and it turned out not to be that difficult. It was a surprise to be able to see her now. On Earth, I was aware of her presence as a spiritual guide and sometimes I saw a glimpse of her, a lovely appearance of light. Now we were sitting there in full glory, outside under a huge tree, on a green bench. We were only radiating towards each other.
Elize taught me to visualize a cup and then a drink. I chose grape juice. At first, I could not hold the thought, so the juice fell to the ground. It took a while before I mastered it. We do not eat here as we are used to with our earthy, coarse material body, but we absorb the essence of the fruit. I was offered a drink the other day that was delicious, a kind of spicy mead.

With Elize I walked through the gardens, in a sloping landscape in which I immediately felt at home. She told me about the new life. We walked past large, elongated gardens with lavender. The colour was deeper, more intense than I had ever seen on Earth and the smell was delicious. Close to all the healing chambers that are everywhere here, you will always find lavender gardens. Essential oils from lavender have a healing effect and therefore there is lavender in those places where people make a new beginning. I know that many people have a certain fear in the beginning, but only because they have absolutely no idea that there is something so beautiful and loving. We walked through the rose gardens. I saw roses, three times the size of a pony, so delicate in colour and so perfect in shape that I kept looking at them. Roses represent a very high love-vibration. I have cherished that beautiful energy. Sometimes such a walk was so overwhelming for me that I had to go back into the healing chamber for a while to take the spiritual rest I felt I needed. Invigorated and full of energy I continued later.

I also saw others, accompanied by their guides. Most of them radiated bliss, free of physical pain in the heavy physical body. The wing of the healing chamber where I was staying was specially made for people who had cancer on Earth. Some people require a longer stay in the healing chamber to complete their processes. Elize told me that many helpers were oncologists or nurses on Earth. Many spend this period in different light chambers at the frequency necessary for their total recovery. Time does not exist on this side. It is pleasant to lie in the colours that are custom-made to your being. There is always gold in the healing chambers for cancer. That gold is like an all-pervading mist, which is located within a blue-green space. I became part of those colours, was absorbed by them. What a blessing to be there.

After my transition, I arrived in the third light sphere, but my spiritual alignment was above that. It takes time to transform and to be able to go a step further. A person could not bear this much light at once. The third sphere was already such a revelation to me, the beauty of nature, the beautiful flowers I saw there, the variety of birds and butterflies, the smells and colours. The green colour of the heart chakra is present in everything here. It has a calming and healing effect. My final destination turned out to be in the sixth light sphere. On Earth, you have no idea of such a thing, and perhaps that is for the better; in that way you will be working on purifying your body and mind without prejudice and pre-defined limits.

Elize accompanied me to my home. Remember you told me about the houses you had seen during your visits beyond the veil and their enormous diversity? Everyone creates what suits him or her. You once sent me a beautiful picture of a small white stone house, overgrown with beautiful roses. Joanne’s house, with the large chestnut tree. How many times have I looked at that picture and drawn strength from it on my sick bed. Yet my house looks very different. You create what suits you at soul level before arrival. My new life here is focused primarily on the healing of my being. The house is beautiful, very spacious and with a beautiful view. Seen from above it is somewhat dome-shaped. Completely closed on one side and completely open at the front. I can, if I feel the need, shield the space from the outside world and obscure it. I enjoy the pure simplicity of this design, the space inside and around it, the peace. In my home, there is a comfortable sleeping area where I can retreat if I feel the need to unwind. Day and night rhythms do not exist here by the way. The sleeping space is in soft colours, a bit peachy, very pleasant to rest in. In the spacious living room, you will find those colours too, with here and there bright colours that I chose. I have a beautifully shaped chair that floats a little above the floor and can move in any desired position. Elongated, so I can see outside and enjoy the landscape. Flowers are everywhere. I had such a need for that after my years of being ill and my secluded life in my earthly home. I missed the beauty of nature so much. Around my house is a field of small white flowers. On the edge are white and pink roses. Again those very large ones. Bigger than peonies. I cannot describe the beauty of this place with earthly words; there are simply no words for that. I enjoy it and cannot get enough of it. Around the house are huge white chairs where I usually receive my visitors. There are beautiful tall blue flowers in large bunches together. In front of those are small low-growing flowers in different colours. A beautiful place. Over the hilly landscape hangs a silver haze permeating everything.

The spiritual alignment that you chose as your goal when you die. My transmutation from the third light sphere to this place was a wonderful and happy process. We can go to all the spheres below, but not automatically to higher spheres. I know that this is only possible in a special protective cocoon reserved for special occasions only. People like you, who pass things on to the people on Earth, are transported in such a cocoon to get to know the spheres.

I read my life book, slowly, at my own pace, first with Elize and later in the Hall of Wisdom, focussing on what I had intended to do during my illness on Earth at soul level. That is to pass on to you what it is like on this side, hoping that the living will benefit from it. That is to overcome the fear of death. Death does not exist. We are like butterflies crawling out of a cocoon to rise up brilliantly. I have met many people with regard to this book. I discovered that everything happens according to a plan, an ‘’agreement’’ between you and me and with many others who all had the desire to take away the fear of death and dying. When I started my study in the Hall of Wisdom and received training to make contact with you in the right way, sources of forgotten knowledge opened up to me, entries to the previously known. Little by little, I faced all the facets of my life before incarnating as Margaret. While searching I discovered our old connections, the times of cooperation of the spirit, friendships on Earth. I discovered that in a life in the seventeenth century I could play the violin beautifully and had a gorgeous singing voice. In a life after that, I played the piano and you were my piano teacher. That took place in Vienna. We were dear friends. Until your early death at the age of 42 we were inseparable and I could do for you what you did for me now.

You died of tuberculosis. Your mother could not cope being with her dying daughter. Together with your father and twin sister, we took care of you. High in the mountains where your twin sister had founded a sanatorium, together with her husband, who was a doctor. It was a special time, all together, full of emotion but that last year was wonderful. I played the piano by the open doors while you and other guests were lounging outside on the terrace. These were very special moments. Leviahnarah, one of your spiritual teachers as well as the one who convened the readings, was then your father and your twin sister your granddaughter Eva of today. How beautiful everything fits together. You can see these things through the thousands of life readings you have passed on and you understand and know from your own experience how beautifully things interlock. Fortunately, more and more people today gain insight into these kinds of processes, of themselves and others. In the Hall of Wisdom, I met people who sang in a choir. We chatted and I joined their choir. I really enjoy singing together. How wonderful it is to do that. I also get piano lessons in a building where they practice fine arts. Many community buildings here resemble ancient Greek buildings. Simple in their great beauty. My interest is mainly in the music of Chopin and Mozart. I go with friends to concerts. The music is not comparable to the music on Earth. Almost impossible to describe, so beautiful, so pure, it affects me in my deepest being. I now know that I was involved with music in different lives. All these pieces of knowledge I thread together like beads, expanding my reality a little bit every time. An enormous wealth. Most people work on their last incarnation, whereas I work on more than one incarnation. It depends on the extent to which they have processed their issues from their last life. That is why I am now so happy that in my last life I have tackled and worked through my unfinished affairs. Processing old matters and acquiring awareness goes deeper if you do that during your life on Earth. Now I also understand why so many different therapies were introduced to Earth. This way there is a way to heal for everyone. In the Hall of Wisdom, I got to know your teachers and guides well: Ohan, Leviahnarah, Edward and about 4 others. You told me about their sense of humour. I have experienced that now and their humour is indeed heartwarming. I could use that at such a moment. As I learned more and more, at a pace that suited me, I began to gain insight into my past lives and I could see how our connections worked and how old they were. We have worked together
many times. Like in the life, you know as that of Anne Marie, in Berlin at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Leviahnarah was your brother at the time. Together you worked on pamphlets, small writings for a gnostic society.

In those years, I passed on a book to you from the spiritual world. Collaboration between a person in the spiritual world and a person living in the material world. This book was then distributed under a male pseudonym throughout Europe. You travelled a lot with your husband, who attended conferences as a neurologist and gave lectures in other places. Even though the Inquisition had officially been abandoned, persecution of dissidents took place on a large scale with often intense consequences in that life. The Gnostic societies, spread all over Europe, have been very important in preserving messages of light, until it was safe to come out in the open again. During your travels with your husband, you transported the copied writings in a secret space in your carriage. It is wonderful to open the registers of past lives and with the necessary amazement, you start to connect the dots, slowly increasing your understanding of the magnitude of your being and what you have done. At this point, I also understood why I felt so sure we could accomplish this together; we did it before! Is that why it is so easy? It is as simple as making a phone call. You can ask me things and we communicate. When I read my book of life, I see so many beautiful things, but also my obstacles. I think it is so important to report that nobody here judges or is judged, except perhaps by yourself. If you have hurt or injured other people, you feel and experience that in yourself during such a review, and wished you could change or balance it. Sometimes it is nice to see how during a lifetime when you have hurt people or have inflicted terrible pain you have solved it during that same life. I think that is good news to pass on and that we are actually always doing the balancing act. Between fathers, mothers and children this happens very often. If only we would pay attention, you would see that these possibilities are always there. We so often are unaware of the possibilities that are being presented. More and more people are consciously working, cleaning up and improving their lives and with that, they create new fields of light due to their larger and intensified light consciousness. With their conscious growth they take many people with them into something we could call the formation of a morphogenetic field. It is also called the hundredth monkey effect.

In the Hall of Wisdom, I was shown how the growth processes of many people, both individually and in groups, are progressing at a high pace. They in turn take many people with them into that new, lighter consciousness, which is wonderful to see. I myself learned to develop my previously acquired talents. My first contact with you went smoothly and naturally, as if I was talking to you on the phone. Your talent as a channel has of course been actively used for years and is constantly developing. In Ireland, where you wrote these words, many people still live in fear of hell and purgatory. Yesterday I was with you for a moment when you meditated in that beautiful old church. There I discovered the thoughts of fear in some of the people who were praying there. With fear in their body, they still go to confession here. In the same Ireland there are still a lot of dogmas, but an increasing number of people, like all over the world, are outgrowing these things. A young generation is looking for the truth, wanting to be free from the imposed doctrines of the Church. Gently we are going in the right direction. As I see it here, this awareness and the choice to be free may go faster than many people think. I must say very honestly that I had no idea that so many people, often not visible to the outside world, are searching and sometimes growing slowly, sometimes at a high pace.

My new life on ‘the other side’ is a great pleasure after my long illness, after all those years of cancer, pain and sorrow. I have learned that you have to respect your body – the temple of your soul – and take very good care of it, and I honestly have to admit I have not always done that properly. I see many cancer patients here who also need to acknowledge this. People who have already healed on Earth have learned to say ‘no’ more often and take better care of themselves. The more people learn to listen to their feelings, the better they do.

Contact with your soul is the only way in the right direction and brings you where you would like to be in your life at soul level. If more people listened to their feelings better, more issues would be solved during their lifetime and in a shorter time. It is not always pleasant what you come across on your path, but it is what needs to be healed in yourself.

Often only then, can you clean up and heal old and non-healed parts swiftly. This way you can achieve a level of wholeness, making life a lot more relaxed with a sense of harmony and increasing light. Not everyone is equally receptive to this and thus many opportunities to heal remain dormant. I can now oversee my own path, my own choices, to transform my old karmic aspects at an accelerated pace.

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Chapter 8. Ahmed page 73
Chapter 9. Eagle page 84
Chapter 10. Healing chambers page 103
Chapter 11. The scientist page 110
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