Thea Terlouw

Author and Medium

As a child, Thea Terlouw was already aware of a world that not everyone can perceive. During her life as an artist, her talent continued to develop. For more than thirty years she helped people to examine their past lives in order to identify the root causes of diseases and traumas. Her care for people with a near-death experience and helping children in addition to guiding the dying, brought her insights that she now wants to share with each one of us. She now only does this by writing books.

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Thea Terlouw

The Cycle of Life and Death

A Magnificent Yourney

Of the many uncerntainties we have in our lives, perhaps the greatest is that of what happens after our death. Although Western religions often speak of an eternal life after death, there is seldom any question of being born again, as we know from Eastern philosophical movements. To science, death is, unfortunately, just death.

Yet there are many indications that the soul does indeed live forever, or rather, is on an eternal journey.
This makes a lot of misunderstood matters clear. And it is not only comforting that our deceased loved ones are still there, but also that what is not always going well in our lives, can be balanced in future lives. In between lives we are always lovingly guided in this process. Unfortunately, many in our world still live with a strong fear of death. However, it is extremely important that we are able to let go of and transform this fear now in this End Time.

With this book Thea, her guides and all those who contributed with personal life stories, share their experiences with us. They talk about the days they themselves lived on Earth, about their transition after which they said they ‘came home’.
There is hardly a better way to find out the meaning of life on Earth and to discover that there is no end to life, but only an end to a temporary stay in this physical world. Thea also talks about the help we receive from the highest spheres and about the hope that comes from the many New Age children who have come to Earth during this special time in recent years.

Thea Terlouw’s special talent is that she can communicate with this other world at any time. As a young child, she tried to get rid of this talent. It took her many years to learn to handle it and to be able to use it, not only for herself, but also for others.
She doesn’t share it with us as ‘truth’, but as experience. After all, everyone has to discover everything for themselves, feel it for themselves and contemplate it for themselves. That is the essence of our earthly experiences. However, you can get guidance and in this End Times help is always available to anyone who asks for it.

Hopefully the book will inspire you, reassure you, help you to let go of your unfinished affairs and become whole physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Thea wishes you a very beautiful journey and hopes that this book can help you with that.

Is it an eBook or is it a real book?

A lot of people asked us this question. To clear this up once and for all: it is a real, thick, paperback book that will be delivered to your specified address.


The ordering page of The Cycle of Life and Death on Amazon offers a large excerpt of the book. Of course this is just a small selection of the contents of the book, but we think it is enough to be able to decide if the book resonates with you.

Who is Obelisk Boeken?

Who are we? In dutch our name is Obelisk Boeken. This translates easily into Obelisk Books. Since 2016 we have published a lot of dutch bestselling books. Amongst them are the books of Thea Terlouw. We specialise in Spiritual subjects. This year, many more books of our hand will be published and made available for ordering on Amazon.

Has Thea Terlouw written more books?

Absolutely. Our translator is very busy at the moment translating her other two books. The working titles are: “The Healing Chambers” and “Broken through a Circle”.  This is to reassure all the thousands of people that ordered “The Cycle of Life and Death” and asked us they want to read more of her books!

Ordering via Amazon

We have chosen to distribute the books of Thea Terlouw via Amazon, because it is a trustworthy partner. This way our customers can rely on the high service level of Amazon: quick and accurate shipping and a money back guarantee in case you should not be satisfied with your book.